The Virus is not the Real Epidemic

I have worked for most of my life as a Pharmacist. However, I left my profession earlier than I had intended to because I was frustrated and disillusioned. I was seeing so many people who took their medication but never got better. They had metabolic diseases and their drugs were treating the symptoms, but not the root cause, of the illness. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and insulin resistance are the components of what is known as metabolic syndrome. These are all lifestyle-induced abnormalities and the most significant root cause of them all is a bad diet.  

In the UK there are more than 20 million obese people, and at least 4 million have type 2 diabetes. Why has this happened when there is so much advice available on ‘healthy eating’? After a lot of research, it became clear to me that the advice we are being given is wrong. Since 1983 the NHS has been promoting the consumption of carbohydrates in place of dietary fat. Saturated fat has been vilified despite the fact there is no scientific evidence that saturated fat is harmful. The relentless weight gain and prevalence of diabetes is driven by insulin resistance, which is caused by eating too much carbohydrate. I was appalled at the realisation that the diet recommended by the NHS, and many nutritionists, is causing all our metabolic malaise.

The Government response to the SARS-Cov-2 virus has involved the most draconian restrictions ever imposed on healthy people. In March we were told a three-week Lockdown was necessary to save the NHS from being overwhelmed. Nine months later we are still severely restricted. ‘Saving the NHS’ has been a constant theme along with social distancing, masks and quarantine. This implies there is nothing else to be done while waiting for a vaccine. When Government agencies, like Sage, are telling us what to do I always pay attention to what they are not saying. They have never suggested anything with which we could boost our own immunity. Surely, if we all had a potent immune system that would reduce demands on the health service.

Covid19 is a nasty viral disease, which, sadly, has hastened the death of many people. Why do Johnson, Hancock, Whitty and Vallance never mention the fact that 95% of the people who have died had at least one pre-existing metabolic condition?

The health service, which they are so keen to save, is constantly under pressure from all the millions of people who have diet-induced diseases. The real health emergency in the UK is not a coronavirus; it is metabolic syndrome. The Government has spent a staggering £350 billion on one virus. Imagine if they had put all that money, time and effort into tackling what really ails us. They could have improved the health and well-being of tens of millions of people, slashed the NHS bill for years to come, whilst also preventing a great many Covid deaths. Chris Whitty is the Government’s Chief Medical Officer and Patrick Vallance is its Chief Scientist. Throughout their tenures, they have both failed to tackle the diseases which cause hundreds of thousands of premature deaths every year.

They have failed to mention a recent study from Spain which measured the blood sugar levels of hospitalised Covid patients. Those with the highest blood sugar were 50% more likely to die from the virus than those with the lowest levels. We are told to base our meals on carbohydrate rich foods like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. These are all known as starches but our digestive system breaks them down into simple sugars. The elevated blood sugar that follows can have drastic effects. Someone with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes may suffer from kidney damage, blindness, nerve pain, gangrene leading to amputation, dementia, heart disease and increased susceptibility to infections. A study in 2011 showed that raised blood sugar hampers our innate immune system. Healthy immune cells have a variety of functions including the ability to recognise certain molecular patterns, which identify bacteria and viruses as pathogens. High levels of blood sugar were shown, in the study, to diminish the ability of immune cells to recognise infectious agents. If we cannot recognise a virus, we cannot initiate the response we need to eliminate it.

An excellent diet not only prevents modern, non-communicable diseases but also helps us to fight infections. We need to eat a diet which keeps sugar, and therefore insulin, levels low. Good health comes from a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, which is the opposite of official advice. A robust immune system also requires certain critical nutrients to function properly. One of those is selenium, which is needed to produce infection-fighting T cells, B cells and antibodies. Zinc is another trace mineral which is important for maintenance and development of immune cells. Lymphocytes and natural killer cells do not form properly, nor function properly, unless there is an adequate supply of zinc. Studies have shown that people with optimum levels of zinc are far less likely to die from Covid than those who are deficient. The best sources of selenium and zinc include salmon, tuna, beef, chicken, free-range eggs, mushrooms, sardines, nuts and dairy products.

Vitamin D has a wide range of benefits in the human body. An optimum level of Vitamin D has previously been shown to reduce the severity of an Influenza infection. Knowing this, some researchers tested the vitamin D status of hospitalised Covid patients and found a clear relationship: the lower the Vitamin D levels, the worse the outcome. Properly controlled trials have now been conducted which confirmed these observations. We make Vitamin D, from cholesterol molecules, when the sun shines on our bare skin but during the winter we need to eat oily fish, eggs, liver and beef to obtain a sufficient supply. Supplement tablets are also available.

I am not suggesting that an optimum level of these nutrients is a cure for Covid, but, if you become infected, your chances of a severe illness are considerably greater if you are deficient. Why have Whitty and Vallance never mentioned this when there is no downside to having an ideal intake of essential nutrients? It is important to note that the great majority of foods containing selenium, zinc and vitamin D are of animal origin and high in fat. We are frequently told we need to reduce our intake of meat. This message is driven by dogma and not by science. Red meat is the most nutrient-dense food humans can eat. We evolved into the dominant species on the planet because, for over a million years, our ancestors chased after, and ate, animals.

Large sections of the population are unwell because we are fed by a food industry that pays little attention to our health and treated by a drug industry that pays no attention to our food. Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to believe you can keep yourself healthy with the right diet and lifestyle, because if we all did that, their profits would plunge.


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The Real Health Crisis

I sent this letter to all the major newspapers in the UK but none of them printed it.

We were told by Boris Johnson, in March, that we needed to have a national lockdown ‘to save the NHS from being overwhelmed’ and we received the same message in November. The Health Service is constantly under pressure because millions of people in the UK suffer from metabolic diseases caused largely by bad diets and lifestyles. Mr Johnson and his advisers never mention the fact that 95% of the people who have died with Covid19 had at least one pre-existing metabolic disorder.

The obesity epidemic and all its associated diseases is a far bigger health crisis than this particular, seasonal coronavirus and it is the people suffering from those morbidities who die from Covid19. Following advice from the Sage committee, the Government has spent hundreds of billions of pounds, caused considerable unemployment and bankruptcy in previously viable businesses along with untold misery and distress. If the Government had put the same time, money and effort into tackling the real health crisis in this country, the NHS would never be overrun, the nation would be far healthier and richer, and far fewer people would have died from this coronavirus.The truth is they never mention the risk factor of underlying ill-health and imply the virus is equally dangerous to everybody, which it is not. This was the perfect opportunity to tackle our biggest problem but Messrs Johnson, Hancock, Whitty and Vallance have failed to do so.

yours faithfully

1922 Committee

This is the message I put on the Facebook page of the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady.

Sir, I commend your courage in voting against your Party and in favour of the country. As you are Chair of the 1922 committee, I ask for even more courage from you. The UK and the Conservative Party need to change Prime Minister. Johnson is guilty of misconduct, corruption, dishonesty and negligence. He tried to Prorogue Parliament, break International Treaty, he has ruled by decree, he has confined healthy people without a valid law to do so. He has found billions of £s out of thin air and spent it on firms with no expertise but plenty of connections to Tory MPs. He has employed wives of MPs to run £ billion organisations without consideration of other candidates. He has locked down the country without a benefit to harm assessment. He listens only to Sage and ignores an array of independent expert opinion. He fails to realise the PCR test is not fit for purpose and that the Sage committee is full of people with conflicts of interest. His ‘Moonshot’ testing of millions of healthy people is a criminal waste of money. He has allowed Hancock and Sage to ramp up the fear out of all proportion to the danger and has caused huge psychological damage to millions of adults and children. The idea that he ‘follows the science’ has made him a laughingstock. (e.g. You can’t sit in a pub drinking beer, but you can sit in a pub drinking beer if you eat a meal.) The trouble is nobody is laughing. Please gather your backbenchers and rid us of this disastrous man.

Complaint to the Conservative Party.

To the Chairman of the Board of the Conservative Party

Dear Mr Elliot,

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, was recently suspended from the Party for his failings regarding anti-Semitism. I believe the failings, misconduct, corruption and negligence of the Conservative Party Leader, Mr Boris Johnson, leaves you, and the Board, with no alternative but to suspend him from the Party and I ask that you do so.

I believe the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct has been breached by Mr Johnson on multiple occasions.


1. In September 2019, he attempted to Prorogue Parliament. He involved the Queen in an action which 11 judges from the Supreme Court unanimously ruled to be unlawful.

2. In November 2019, the House of Lords overwhelmingly rejected Mr Johnson’s plan to renege on an International Treaty he had signed. Baroness Smith said, “There are serious concerns across the UK, and beyond, about ministers putting themselves above and beyond the rule of law.”

3. The introduction of the Coronavirus Act was rushed through Parliament without time for proper scrutiny. This Act does not give Parliament the power to confine healthy people, via lockdowns and other restrictions. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 gives the power to confine healthy people but it requires stringent Parliamentary control. The Government did not use this legislation to confine tens of millions of healthy people but, instead, chose the Public Health Act 1984, which does not require such Parliamentary control but is written in unspecific general words. It is a basic constitutional principle that general words are not to be read as authorising the infringement of fundamental rights, but Mr Johnson’s Government has precisely done that. I refer you to a lecture by the former Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sumption, entitled, ‘Government by decree: Covid19 and the Constitution’ in which he describes all the constitutional failings of Mr Johnson’s Party. It was as long ago as 1689 that Government by Decree was made illegal in England by the Bill of Rights.

4. Mr Johnson appointed Dido Harding, the wife of a Tory MP, to run the £12 billion Test and Trace scheme without consideration of other candidates. He appointed Kate Bingham, the wife of a Tory MP, to lead the Vaccine Taskforce without consideration of other candidates and without her having any experience in vaccines. A company called Randox has been paid £497 million pounds to produce Covid test kits: Randox pays a Tory MP, Owen Patterson, £100,000 per year as a consultant. Legal action is already in progress against the Government regarding £3 billion of contracts, which cannot be accounted for. There are too many other examples to list them all. Surely, corruption is enough, by itself, to have a Minister suspended from the Party. 

5. Having been thwarted, by the Supreme Court, in his attempt to eliminate input from our democratically elected representatives, it seems to me that Mr Johnson has partially Prorogued Parliament by stealth. Social distancing rules have reduced the maximum number of MPs in the Commons from 650 to 50. If the close contact of players in football and rugby teams is allowed because they have all tested negative, why can we not have a full house of MPs if they too have tested negative?


1. The Lockdowns and Tiers he has enforced upon tens of millions of healthy people have inflicted some level of harm on every single person in the UK. For many, the harm has been catastrophic. It is negligent to do this without first studying a clear analysis of the benefit compared to the harm.

2. He has imposed these restrictions using dishonest information. The daily death toll as reported across all the media includes people who died of any cause within 28 days of a positive Covid test. People who have died of untreated cancer or suicide caused by the lockdowns are counted as dying of Covid if they tested positive. This accounting method makes it impossible to know how many people have died as a direct result of Covid. It is a corruption of the truth and it is negligent not to insist on more accurate data.

3. Mr Johnson relies entirely on advice form the Sage committee, who have demanded lockdowns to reduce the spread of the virus until a vaccine is found. Any sensible person who was going to spend a considerable sum on, say, home improvements would always get two or three quotes. Mr Johnson has spent hundreds of billions of pounds on draconian measures without seeking any alternative opinion from other, independent experts. He has also failed to realise that 12 members of the Sage committee work for, or have been funded by, organisations involved in the manufacture of vaccines. Patrick Vallance and Chis Whitty both have conflicts of interest in this area.

4. Lockdowns have been imposed based on ‘case’ numbers. Mr Johnson has failed to understand that the PCR test upon which ‘cases’ and lockdowns are predicated is not fit for purpose. The test identifies a piece of viral genetic material but it cannot tell if that material came from a live virus or the remnants of a dead virus which has already been killed by the person’s immune system. To suggest that every positive test represents an infectious person is dishonest.

5. Mr Johnson has imposed Lockdowns on the premise that they are needed to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. The NHS is constantly under pressure because of this country’s high prevalence of obesity and all the associated metabolic diseases. Apart from a brief mention of his own obesity, he has consistently failed to highlight the fact that 95% of Covid deaths have been in people with pre-existing metabolic diseases. He and Sage have misled the nation by implying that everyone is equally susceptible to this coronavirus, which is not true. Metabolic ill-health is by far the greatest threat to the nation’s health and is involved in the vast majority of Covid deaths. It is incompetent and negligent of Mr Johnson to tackle a virus with so much money, time and effort whilst doing nothing about our far greater health crisis.

The argument in favour of Mr Johnson’s actions will no doubt rely on the notion that these are exceptional times and require exceptional measures. As a medical professional, I dispute they are as exceptional as claimed. Covid19 is undoubtedly a nasty disease but the death toll from it is not exceptional when compared to previous severe outbreaks of flu. The winter of 2017/18 saw 64,000 flu deaths and there were no restrictions on our daily lives. Mr Johnson’s lockdowns are completely disproportionate to the danger posed and therefore in breach of section 1 of your Code of Conduct.

The good name of the Conservative Party is at stake and I trust you will carefully consider the long-term consequences for your Party if you condone misconduct, dishonesty, corruption and negligence in a Conservative Minister.

Yours sincerely,