Meat is healthy

We are constantly told to 'eat less meat' for the good of our health and the planet. Both these ideas are wrong. Our species evolved into the people we are today because our ancestors ate the meat and fat of animals they caught and they did so for over a million years. We did not evolve to eat meat; we evolved because we ate meat. Animal foods are the most nutrient-dense foods we can consume. The information on this website will demonstrate that physical and mental health are enhanced by the regular consumption of these foods. We are carnivorous people; we are not herbivores.

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There is an obesity crisis. We are told that 33% of us have a BMI between 25 and 30 and a further 25% have a BMI over 30. We all know this is bad but what does it mean? If we assume the overweight are 2 stone too heavy and the obese are carrying 5 stone too much and there are 65 million people in the country, it means the population of the UK is 2,000 million pounds overweight. Simply by eating the correct type of food, subscribers to this site could collectively lose one million pounds in weight and vastly improve their metabolic health.

We are constantly told what to do by the self-appointed custodians of our lives.  In 1983 the 'experts' told us to follow the National Dietary Guidelines and eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. This advice created the obesity epidemic and the surge in type 2 diabetes. In 2019, a tiny group of 'experts' told us all to eat a plant-based diet to save our health and the planet. They ignored the fact that animal foods are essential for brain development. This advice will be equally disastrous if we are dumb enough to be fooled again.

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What are people saying?

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"I am convinced that what we eat is by far the single most important factor in our mental and physical health. My patients have improved their bipolar, migraine, ADHD, IBS, panic disorder and chronic fatigue with dietary change."

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"I am in remission from severe arthritis (multiple joints replaced), chronic fatigue, depression and a plethora of other symptoms from changing my diet. I now eat only beef, salt and water. I have never felt like this before. It is amazing."

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"A low carbohydrate, high fat diet is the new medicine. It will take 30 years to be accepted by the authorities but you haven't got 30 years to wait for medicine to catch up. For the sake of your health you better accept it today."

Why join the Stop Feeding Us Lies 'Health Club'?

The purpose of this website is to inform, educate and entertain its members. The goal is to help and encourage people to make their own decisions about what to eat in order to be healthy, happy and slim. There are three elements to the Club and members are free to be involved in any or all of them. The club will provide:

1. Information about the health benefits of eating meat and other animal foods, including the importance of these foods for child development and the environmental benefits of correctly managed ruminant animals like cows and sheep .

2. Guidance on making improvements to metabolic health, including weight loss, and all the conditions associated with it. Each member has a personal page for recording progress. The cumulative weight loss of all members will be displayed to demonstrate how powerful the correct diet can be.

3. Investigations into the lies, dogma, fallacy and propaganda we are repeatedly told. Suggestions on how to fight back against the people who have appointed themselves to control our lives.

This a family friendly club. It is much easier to make changes to your diet and lifestyle if you do it with someone else. After you join, your spouse or partner will be able to join for the heavily discounted price of £1 per month.

All these benefits are available for only £15 per quarter or £50 per annum