Weight Loss

For many people, losing some weight is the primary motivation for them to make changes to their diet and lifestyle. The numbers on a weighing scale are a simple way to measure progress, however, on this website we believe it is far more important to make changes which will improve all aspects of metabolic health. When our metabolism functions as it should we will lose excess weight naturally.

B12, obesity and pregnancy

According to a study published by the Society for Endocrinology a deficiency of vitamin B12 is linked to obesity during ...
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Guaranteed weight gain

The dietary guidelines, which the NHS want us all to follow, advise a high percentage of carbohydrate and a reduction ...
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Losing weight

If we need to lose weight, we are told to 'Eat less and move more'. Both of these ideas come ...
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Calorie Counting

The following is a small excerpt from Stop Feeding Us Lies The calorie counting myth Is it possible to lose ...
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