I am the author and creator of the Stop Feeding Us Lies website. My name is Charlie Spedding. I have spent most of my working life as a Community Pharmacist. However, I left the Pharmacy profession a few years ago, feeling very disheartened, because I realised that most of the people I saw each month never got better. The majority of patients had metabolic diseases, which appeared to require medication. They never got better because the drugs they were taking treated the symptoms of their illness but not the cause.

I became a Pharmacist because I wanted to make people healthy. I came to realise that medicine does not make us healthy. People develop metabolic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and some cancers, because of diet and life style.


Adopting the correct lifestyle to reverse these conditions makes far more sense to me than suppressing the symptoms with drugs. In the years since I left Pharmacy, I have applied my knowledge of human biology to the study of our food and activity. I am appalled by the way we have all been misinformed and I feel compelled to present the truth about a healthy lifestyle.


In my younger days, I was an athlete; a long distance runner. After many years of relative mediocrity, I ran 10,000m for Britain in the European Championships and Commonwealth Games. Shortly afterwards, I won the London Marathon and an Olympic Bronze medal in the Marathon at the Los Angeles Games. I then set an English record for the marathon which stood for 29 years. This all took a great deal of hard work but was completely worth it because, everyday, I felt so fit and healthy.

I have not always felt that way. In 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, which made me feel absolutely awful. Again though, it was completely worth it because I am now cured and feeling well. I have experienced both the extremes of superb health and dire illness. I can assure you, health is better. My purpose in life now is to pass on the information, which I believe can improve the health and happiness of everyone.