Eat less meat ?

We are told to "Eat less meat for our health, the environment and the climate." I wish they would stop feeding us lies

The Environment. Which one of these two food production systems do you think is better for the environment? Is it the wild flower pasture, grazed by cattle, or the vast mono-crop field sprayed with chemicals that birds, bees, butterflies and bugs thrive in? Learn more here.

The ClimateWe are told "the climate is warming because we put too much carbon into the atmosphere: cows burp methane; methane is a greenhouse gas; we need to get rid of cows." Can you see the blue line at the bottom of these columns? That line shows the direct emissions of beef in the US, according to their Environmental Protection Agency. Learn more here.


HealthWe are told to "cut back on meat because it contains too much saturated fat and saturated fat increases your risk of heart disease." These maps are from the PURE study of European diets and health. Across all countries, the more fat we eat the less likely we are to die of heart disease and vice versa. France, for example, has the highest intake of dietary fat and the lowest rate of heart disease. Learn more here