This website is dedicated to information about the relationship between our health and our diet. The book and the website are called Stop Feeding Us Lies because there is so much myth, misinformation, propaganda, corruption and downright lying in the dietary advice we all receive from the scientific community and the mainstream media. The same thing is happening with the so-called Climate Emergency. Originally, I had no intention of writing about the climate on this website but things have changed. Vested interests want us all to eat a plant-based diet and they are already using the ‘climate crisis’ as a weapon to persuade people to stop eating animal foods. Meat is humanity’s most nutritious food and to support its benefits I need to explain why it is absurd to suggest ruminant animals cause global warming.

The climate of our planet is a complex, chaotic and multi-faceted system. It is affected by cloud cover, ocean currents, volcanic activity, jet stream variations and the output of the sun, among other things. The climate of England is temperate and remains so because it is surrounded by ocean, which keeps it cool in summer, and it remains mild in winter because of the Gulf Stream. According to the Central England Temperature Record, the average temperature for the entire month of January is 3 degrees centigrade. The average temperature for the month of July is 17 degrees centigrade. In the six months from mid-winter to mid-summer the average temperature increases by 14 degrees, and over the next six months it falls by 14 degrees.

What causes this 14-degree shift in half a year? The answer, obviously, is the amount of sunshine falling upon the land. It is not the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it is not the amount of methane belched by cows. It is energy from the sun. Other places on the same latitude as England, but without the tempering effect of a nearby ocean, suffer even greater swings of temperature every six months. Winnipeg in Manitoba, for instance, has an average January temperature of minus 16 degrees centigrade and an average July temperature of 19 degrees. The temperature in central Canada changes by 35 degrees every six months driven by the amount of sunshine it receives, but without the effect of a warm ocean current.

The IPCC and all the mainstream media want us to believe that an increase in average global temperatures of one and half degrees centigrade, over a period of many decades, has nothing to do with the sun but is entirely driven by an increase in the concentration of a trace gas known as CO2, which makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. How likely does that seem to you when CO2 has nothing to do with half-yearly swings in temperature of up to 35 degrees? How likely does it seem that a rise in global temperature of more than 1.5 degrees is going to be catastrophic for humanity? The fear-mongering is intense and this one example, below, demonstrates how unscientific most of it is. These weather reports are ten years apart but show similar temperatures in totally different ways. In 2012, it is a nice sunny day. In 2022, it is displayed as ‘red for danger’. This is a psychological drip, drip, drip to make us afraid of warm weather.

Climate science is extremely complicated. It is too simplistic to suggest that a small increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2, which exists at only 400 parts million, is going to lead to an endless warming of the planet with catastrophic consequences. For an insight into how complicated the greenhouse effect is you may wish to read this paper by two of the best specialists in the world. Unless you are a physicist, it is difficult to understand. However, scrolling through the pages should be enough to convince you that your gas boiler and the digestive system of cows are not the controlling factors of our planet’s climate. The conclusion of this enormous piece of work states that at current concentrations the warming effect of CO2 is ‘saturated’ and, therefore, adding more carbon dioxide to the air will make no appreciable difference.

The idea that methane (CH4) from cows is causing runaway global warming is simply an agenda pushed by an ‘anti-meat’ lobby. Methane concentration in the atmosphere stands at 0.00018%. In other words, less than 2 molecules of methane in every million molecules of air. In a lab, methane is shown to be more effective at absorbing heat radiation than carbon dioxide, but the atmosphere is not a lab. Methane can only absorb heat radiation at two narrow wavelength bands. These bands are already being absorbed by water vapour, as shown in this diagram. Water vapour, either as clouds or humidity, is by far the greatest greenhouse gas as it absorbs heat radiation over a much wider range and often exists as 10,000 parts per million.

The only climate problem we face is cold.

The cold periods of the past have aligned with reduced solar output, usually referred to as ‘solar minima’. The Little Ice Age from 1645 to 1710 was caused by the Maunder Minimum. We are now entering a new Grand Solar Minimum, which will lead to cooling temperatures and not the warming we are constantly told about. This explanation from Newcastle University is in easy to understand layman’s language. It is well worth reading and well worth realising just how much we are being lied to.