The Real Health Crisis

I sent this letter to all the major newspapers in the UK but none of them printed it.

We were told by Boris Johnson, in March, that we needed to have a national lockdown ‘to save the NHS from being overwhelmed’ and we received the same message in November. The Health Service is constantly under pressure because millions of people in the UK suffer from metabolic diseases caused largely by bad diets and lifestyles. Mr Johnson and his advisers never mention the fact that 95% of the people who have died with Covid19 had at least one pre-existing metabolic disorder.

The obesity epidemic and all its associated diseases is a far bigger health crisis than this particular, seasonal coronavirus and it is the people suffering from those morbidities who die from Covid19. Following advice from the Sage committee, the Government has spent hundreds of billions of pounds, caused considerable unemployment and bankruptcy in previously viable businesses along with untold misery and distress. If the Government had put the same time, money and effort into tackling the real health crisis in this country, the NHS would never be overrun, the nation would be far healthier and richer, and far fewer people would have died from this coronavirus.The truth is they never mention the risk factor of underlying ill-health and imply the virus is equally dangerous to everybody, which it is not. This was the perfect opportunity to tackle our biggest problem but Messrs Johnson, Hancock, Whitty and Vallance have failed to do so.

yours faithfully