1922 Committee

This is the message I put on the Facebook page of the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady.

Sir, I commend your courage in voting against your Party and in favour of the country. As you are Chair of the 1922 committee, I ask for even more courage from you. The UK and the Conservative Party need to change Prime Minister. Johnson is guilty of misconduct, corruption, dishonesty and negligence. He tried to Prorogue Parliament, break International Treaty, he has ruled by decree, he has confined healthy people without a valid law to do so. He has found billions of £s out of thin air and spent it on firms with no expertise but plenty of connections to Tory MPs. He has employed wives of MPs to run £ billion organisations without consideration of other candidates. He has locked down the country without a benefit to harm assessment. He listens only to Sage and ignores an array of independent expert opinion. He fails to realise the PCR test is not fit for purpose and that the Sage committee is full of people with conflicts of interest. His ‘Moonshot’ testing of millions of healthy people is a criminal waste of money. He has allowed Hancock and Sage to ramp up the fear out of all proportion to the danger and has caused huge psychological damage to millions of adults and children. The idea that he ‘follows the science’ has made him a laughingstock. (e.g. You can’t sit in a pub drinking beer, but you can sit in a pub drinking beer if you eat a meal.) The trouble is nobody is laughing. Please gather your backbenchers and rid us of this disastrous man.