Covid Conundrums

Have you ever wondered why some people do not want to be ‘jabbed’? Or do you need to explain to others why you do not want to be ‘jabbed’? We live in strange times when people who have chosen to be ‘protected’ from Covid19, by having two ‘jabs’, are worried about meeting people who have not been ‘vaccinated’. If the vaccines work, what do they have to fear? If the ‘so-called’ vaccines do not work, why should anybody have them? We seem to have reached the extraordinary situation where the ineffectiveness of these vaccines is blamed upon the people who have not had them. I do not claim to cover all the angles but in this post I list many of the points which I believe should be open for discussion. The mainstream media, however, never allows any of these topics to be raised.

[All the references in this post can be found on the Covid-References page]

1.Falsification of numbers. The daily reporting of deaths was used to scare everybody into believing SARS-Cov-2 was an extremely deadly virus. But the totals were for people who had died ‘within 28 days of a positive Covid test’. This has never been done previously for any other disease. It includes all the people who died of cancer, heart disease, road accidents and suicide as long as they had a recent positive test. Nobody knows how many have died specifically of Covid because this is a deliberate falsification.

2. The Government listened to the advice of Prof Ferguson, who predicted a death toll of half a million people. A cursory glance at the history of Ferguson’s previous clairvoyance shows a constant, reliable record of enormous over-exaggeration. He has never come close to being correct. [Ref 1] The Government used a totally unreliable source to guess at the possible severity of the disease and caused panic by giving it credence.

3. The media fearmongering was enhanced by the daily reporting of ‘case’ numbers, which were determined by the PCR test. However, the PCR test was not designed as a diagnostic tool. The polymerase chain reaction is a method of replicating a segment of genetic material and when the process is repeated sufficiently often there is enough material for it to be detected. Detecting a fragment of viral DNA via this method cannot possibly tell you if it came from a living, active virus or the remnants of a dead virus, which has been destroyed by the individual’s immune system. To suggest that all PCR positive results are from infectious people is false. [Ref 2]

4. During the first wave, the median age of death was 82, which is slightly older than the national, UK, median age of death at 81 years of age. [Ref 3] Figures issued by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) showed that 95% of the people who died with Covid had pre-existing disease. [Ref 4] It was clear from the beginning that this virus was only dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Not one person in the Government or Sage has recommended steps to improve metabolic health and our immune systems. They have totally ignored all the evidence that deficiencies in vitamin D, zinc and selenium are closely linked to a weakened immune system. [Ref 5] The correct diet, or appropriate supplementation, cannot carry a downside and, for most people, will help. This has never been mentioned by the people employed to advise on our health.

5. Lockdown. The quarantine of infected, ill people has been shown to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. The quarantine (lockdown) of millions of healthy people has never been used before and has no medical history to recommend it. The Government enforced this experiment on the nation without any attempt to perform a risk-to-benefit analysis. If Boris Johnson worked for a private corporation and had introduced such draconian, expensive and experimental measures without any attempt to calculate the unforeseen consequences, he would have been sacked for dereliction of his duty. The idea that lockdowns worked and should have been implemented earlier has gained widespread acceptance, without any evidence for their benefit. Data from each of the States in America shows no significant difference between the states which locked down and those that did not. [Ref 6]

6. A considerable surge in early deaths occurred in care homes. This was caused by the incompetent, and Government led, removal of large numbers of hospitalised, unwell people back to care homes which were not equipped to deal with them. Many of these unfortunate people had Do Not Resuscitate notices applied to them without their consent. [Ref 7] There is some evidence that many of these were ‘finished off’ with the excessive use of Midazolam injections, stocks of which were ordered by Matt Hancock. [Ref 8]

7. The Strategic Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) is a committee whose members change depending upon the nature of the current emergency. The Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, and The Chief Scientific Adviser, Patrick Vallance, chose the people they believed are best suited to help the Government to make appropriate decisions. The group they assembled contained no expert immunologists but it did contain several mathematical modellers and behavioural scientists. As a consequence, the country has been subjected to a grotesque series of psychological stresses and fears. [Ref 9] Professor Sheldon Cohen of the Carnegie Mellon University is an expert in the effect of stress on immunity. He has shown that prolonged isolation and fear are hugely detrimental to our ability to resist respiratory viruses. [Ref 10] It is as if lockdowns were designed to make us all less able to fight off viruses with our natural immunity. If Sage did not know this, they are negligent and if they did know but still proceeded with lockdown, they are corrupt.

8. The Sage group also contains an extraordinary number of conflicts of interest tied to the Pharmaceutical Industry and especially to vaccine manufacturers. They have constantly promoted vaccines and ignored all other possibilities. It is well known that natural immunity after infection provides better and longer lasting protection from reinfection than that provided by vaccines. But Sage and the Government have continually insisted that everyone must be vaccinated regardless of whether they have naturally produced antibodies or not. This makes no medical sense but makes huge financial profits for vaccine producers. [Ref 11]

9. For several months in the spring of 2020 Sage told us there was no reliable evidence to support the wearing of masks to reduce transmission. However, masks were made mandatory in July 2020 precisely when the prevalence of this seasonal virus had reached its lowest level of the year. Boris Johnson tells us he is following the science but clearly nobody is. The logical reason for implementing a mask mandate in summer is to maintain the fear already created by lockdowns. [Ref 12]

10. I referred to ‘so-called’ vaccines earlier because these ’jabs’ are not strictly vaccines. They are a type of medical device, which creates a protein in the body and this protein elicits an immune response. A typical vaccine consists of a dead or harmless virus which directly produces an immune response to the entire virus. A typical vaccine is also expected to prevent an individual from contracting the disease and from transmitting it. The Covid jabs allow you to catch Covid and transmit it. Their only claim to benefit consists of a promise that a Covid infection will be less severe than if you had not had the jab. How can they quantify that? How do they know how one individual would have reacted to Covid with or without the jab? This is not a deadly disease; the chance of survival is exceptionally good. [Ref 13]

11 These ‘vaccines’ are pushed hard on to absolutely everybody but they have not finished their trials yet, and do not do so until 2023. They have received ‘Emergency Authorisation’ which is not full approval. To obtain Emergency Authorisation, a medicine must be the only viable option during a clear and obvious emergency. The only health emergency in the UK is metabolic syndrome, which consists of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. [Ref 14] Sixty-four per cent of the population are overweight and we know, from 4 above, that metabolic disorders greatly increase an individual’s risk of serious Covid complications. Metabolic diseases are the reason the NHS is constantly under pressure. Throughout their tenure, neither Whitty nor Vallance have done a single thing to improve the nation’s metabolic health.

Emergency Authorisation cannot be granted if there is an alternative therapy. Sage, the Government, and the media have ignored all other treatments and disparaged any that have been mentioned. Ivermectin is a safe and cheap drug which has been taken by millions of people for years. There is considerable evidence from around the world that it is effective against Covid19. [Ref 15]

12. We have already seen that Covid poses no danger to healthy young people, but the age group at which people are ‘invited’ to have a ‘jab’ continues to fall. When it reached schoolchildren, the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) decided to recommend against ‘jabbing’ such young people because the benefit did not outweigh the risk. Chris Whitty and the other home nation CMOs decided to ignore expert advice and proceed. (We have already seen that Whitty has serious conflicts of interest when it comes to the promotion of vaccines.) Before having any medical procedure, an individual is supposed to give informed consent. It is also contrary to the Nuremburg Code to use coercion to persuade someone to have a medical procedure. The Government’s entire campaign of persuasion towards young people has involved coercion, with constant reference to ‘getting your freedoms back’ and without any mention of the undeniable risks involved with this ‘vaccine’. The Government’s actions are unethical and immoral.

13. Covid jabs have a terrible safety record. [Ref 16] All previous vaccines have been withdrawn when they displayed harm to recipients of lesser degree than these do. The latest VAERS report shows extraordinary levels of damage, but it receives no publicity in the mainstream media. These results would normally cause a vaccine to be banned from use. Why don’t they? Government data on ‘variants of concern’ from August 2021 shows that you are more likely to die from Covid if are double vaccinated than unvaccinated. See [Ref 17]

14. Since the emergence of Sars-1 and MERS many years ago, the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to produce an effective coronavirus vaccine. All attempts have failed during the animal trials because of a reaction known as ADE (Antibody-dependent enhancement). [Ref 18] The vaccines initially created antibodies but when the animals were challenged by a wild virus, the disease was made worse by the over-reaction of the immune system. (This may be what is happening with Ref 17.) What many sceptical people find truly sinister is the desire to ‘jab’ every single person in the world with a ‘vaccine’ that has not been through any animal trials and was rushed into use via Emergency Authorisation. The unvaccinated are, in fact, performing the vital role of a control group, which is something the authorities do not want. Why would that be?

15. The ‘vaccine passport’. Scotland has already introduced a mandatory vaccine passport, creating a medical apartheid that most of us thought could never happen in the UK. England will no doubt follow soon. This will bar all unvaccinated people from their inalienable rights and all normal gatherings for theatre, sport and social events. If Covid19 was a deadly disease and the vaccine prevented infection and transmission, it might make sense. But it is clear that Covid is not particularly dangerous for the vast majority of healthy people and the vaccine neither protects from infection nor transmission. So vaccinated people can gather and possibly infect each other but unvaccinated people will not be allowed to gather even if they have recently tested negative. Does this sound like they are following the science? Or does it sound like Covid is being used as an excuse to introduce a system of digital control over our lives, where we all have to ‘show our papers’?

Do you think any of the points I have raised are, at least, worthy of a civilise debate on television? If so, why do you think that debate never happens?

Lockdowns damage our immunity

Throughout the Covid crisis, Boris Johnson has always said that he is ‘following the science’. Our Prime Minister has no scientific background and relies entirely upon the advice he receives from members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage). In reality he is following the opinion of a small group of scientists while ignoring the opinion of all scientists with an alternative view. Therefore, the important question becomes: are members of Sage following the science? I intend to demonstrate that the answer to that question is no, they are not.

The advice of Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and their team has been consistent. They want to prevent or slow down the spread of the virus with social distancing, closures, restrictions and lockdowns. They originally said there was only very weak evidence for wearing masks but in June, when the virus was at its seasonal low point, face coverings became mandatory. We are now in January, and despite strict lockdowns or tiers since early November, Chris Whitty is telling us that hospitals are about to be overrun with surging Covid19 cases. He and other members of Sage are blaming the public for not being fully compliant with the restrictions. We are also told that a mutation of the virus is much more transmissible, and we need harder and longer lockdowns.

A world-wide search of relevant scientific literature paints a different picture. Dr Sheldon Cohen is a Professor of Psychology at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He has spent over three decades studying the connection between psychological stress and its impact on viral respiratory diseases.[1] His research involves a thorough psychological assessment of his volunteers before they are placed in quarantine and exposed to viruses causing influenza or the common cold. The severity of the symptoms suffered by each individual are measured and compared with their pre-infection status. Professor Cohen consistently finds that people with the highest levels of long-term stress suffer more extreme symptoms than those with low levels of stress. He also finds that smoking and low vitamin levels are linked to poor outcomes. Factors associated with decreased risk included social integration, social support, physical activity, adequate and efficient sleep, and moderate alcohol intake. (Many may be relieved to know that teetotalism and excessive alcohol intake were both linked with worse outcomes. This may be because a drink or two tends to make us more relaxed and relieves stress for a time.)

Professor Cohen says, “Social integration refers to the degree to which an individual participates in a broad range of social relationships and is generally defined in terms of the number of social roles one plays (e.g. spouse, parent, friend, fellow employee, volunteer, church member). Social integration has been found to predict lesser mortality as well as lower risk for cardiovascular disease onset and disease progression. These associations are thought to occur because social integration tends to boost positive psychological states that have beneficial effects on a range of disease-relevant physiological pathways. In contrast, a particularly low level of integration is viewed as social isolation, which is experienced as a stressful event.”

Social support refers to the amount of help you receive from family and friends. It can range from practical help with basic chores, to a phone call to say ‘hello’, and all the way through to a shoulder to cry on when something sad has happened. Whatever form it takes, it improves our sense of self-worth by confirming that we are loved and other people care about us. Our social interactions are vital to our humanity and Professor Cohen’s research shows they are vital for our immunity to disease.

The use of draconian lockdowns and severe restrictions, which have been in place in one form or another for ten months, have utterly devastated our social integration and social support. The deliberate use of fear by the Sage committee and the daily reports on Covid-associated deaths by the media have put everybody under prolonged psychological stress. The ‘science’ clearly shows that this is the wrong approach. Chris Whitty is currently telling us that the new variant of the coronavirus is much more transmissible than the original. I propose that he may be mistaken and it only appears to be more transmissible because his stress-inducing, anti-social lockdowns have rendered every man, woman and child in the country considerably more susceptible to infection. In March and April 2020, when infections were peaking, healthy people under the age of 60 were minimally affected by the virus. This may no longer be true because of the wilful destruction of our social networks.

It would appear that Chris Whitty, our Chief Medical Officer, is unaware of Professor Cohen’s work. If that is true, he is negligent in his duty to the nation. However, it would not be the first time he has failed to take account of relevant information.

  • There is a considerable body of evidence to show that optimum levels of Vitamin D reduce the severity of viral infections.[2] He has never suggested we should supplement our diets during the winter months despite the fact there is no downside to an ideal level of this essential nutrient.
  • He has made no mention of the fact that 95% of deaths have occurred in people with pre-existing metabolic disease. These conditions are frequently caused by a diet which elevates blood sugar. Research has shown that people with raised blood sugar suffer more severe infections than those with normal levels.[3]
  • Throughout his tenure as Chief Medical Officer he has made no attempt to tackle the enormous problem of obesity and all its associated diseases. He is the top doctor in a country where 65% of people are overweight and he has no solution for it.

The only option he offers to tackle Covid19 is to repeat and intensify lockdowns. He does not seem to realise they do not work.[4] We cannot expect Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to ‘follow the science’ when their advisers refuse to follow it.

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2  Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19 | SpringerLink

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Misconduct and Corruption

Some people believe that a national emergency allows politicians to use exceptional powers to tackle the problem. In some circumstances this may be true but it never warrants misconduct, corruption, dishonesty and negligence in our leaders. I believe that our Prime Minister is guilty of all these things and I have made an official complaint to the Conservative Party. I am quite sure they will fob me off with something about ‘exceptional circumstances’. So you can judge for yourself, I have copied my complaint below.

“Dear Mr Elliot and fellow members of the Board of the Conservative Party,

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, was recently suspended from the Party for his failings regarding anti-Semitism. I believe the failings, misconduct, corruption and negligence of the Conservative Party Leader, Mr Boris Johnson, leaves you, and the Board, with no alternative but to suspend him from the Party and I ask that you do so.

I believe the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct has been breached by Mr Johnson on multiple occasions.


1. In September 2019, he attempted to Prorogue Parliament. He involved the Queen in an action which 11 judges from the Supreme Court unanimously ruled to be unlawful.

2. In November 2019, the House of Lords overwhelmingly rejected Mr Johnson’s plan to renege on an International Treaty he had signed. Baroness Smith said, “There are serious concerns across the UK, and beyond, about ministers putting themselves above and beyond the rule of law.”

3. The introduction of the Coronavirus Act was rushed through Parliament without time for proper scrutiny. This Act does not give Parliament the power to confine healthy people, via lockdowns and other restrictions. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 gives the power to confine healthy people but it requires stringent Parliamentary control. The Government did not use this legislation to confine tens of millions of healthy people but, instead, chose the Public Health Act 1984, which does not require such Parliamentary control but is written in unspecific general words. It is a basic constitutional principle that general words are not to be read as authorising the infringement of fundamental rights, but Mr Johnson’s Government has precisely done that. I refer you to a lecture by the former Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sumption, entitled, ‘Government by decree: Covid19 and the Constitution’ in which he describes all the constitutional failings of Mr Johnson’s Party. It was as long ago as 1689 that Government by Decree was made illegal in England by the Bill of Rights.

4. Mr Johnson appointed Dido Harding, the wife of a Tory MP, to run the £12 billion Test and Trace scheme without consideration of other candidates. He appointed Kate Bingham, the wife of a Tory MP, to lead the Vaccine Taskforce without consideration of other candidates and without her having any experience in vaccines. A company called Randox has been paid £497 million pounds to produce Covid test kits: Randox pays a Tory MP, Owen Patterson, £100,000 per year as a consultant. Legal action is already in progress against the Government regarding £3 billion of contracts, which cannot be accounted for. There are too many other examples to list them all. Surely, corruption is enough, by itself, to have a Minister suspended from the Party. 

5. Having been thwarted, by the Supreme Court, in his attempt to eliminate input from our democratically elected representatives, it seems to me that Mr Johnson has partially Prorogued Parliament by stealth. Social distancing rules have reduced the maximum number of MPs in the Commons from 650 to 50. If the close contact of players in football and rugby teams is allowed because they have all tested negative, why can we not have a full house of MPs if they too have tested negative?


1. The Lockdowns and Tiers he has enforced upon tens of millions of healthy people have inflicted some level of harm on every single person in the UK. For many, the harm has been catastrophic. It is negligent to do this without first studying a clear analysis of the benefit compared to the harm.

2. He has imposed these restrictions using dishonest information. The daily death toll as reported across all the media includes people who died of any cause within 28 days of a positive Covid test. People who have died of untreated cancer or suicide caused by the lockdowns are counted as dying of Covid if they tested positive. This accounting method makes it impossible to know how many people have died as a direct result of Covid. It is a corruption of the truth and it is negligent not to insist on more accurate data.

3. Mr Johnson relies entirely on advice form the Sage committee, who have demanded lockdowns to reduce the spread of the virus until a vaccine is found. Any sensible person who was going to spend a considerable sum on, say, home improvements would always get two or three quotes. Mr Johnson has spent hundreds of billions of pounds on draconian measures without seeking any alternative opinion from other, independent experts. He has also failed to realise that 12 members of the Sage committee work for, or have been funded by, organisations involved in the manufacture of vaccines. Patrick Vallance and Chis Whitty both have conflicts of interest in this area.

4. Lockdowns have been imposed based on ‘case’ numbers. Mr Johnson has failed to understand that the PCR test upon which ‘cases’ and lockdowns are predicated is not fit for purpose. The test identifies a piece of viral genetic material but it cannot tell if that material came from a live virus or the remnants of a dead virus which has already been killed by the person’s immune system. To suggest that every positive test represents an infectious person is dishonest.

5. Mr Johnson has imposed Lockdowns on the premise that they are needed to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. The NHS is constantly under pressure because of this country’s high prevalence of obesity and all the associated metabolic diseases. Apart from a brief mention of his own obesity, he has consistently failed to highlight the fact that 95% of Covid deaths have been in people with pre-existing metabolic diseases. He and Sage have misled the nation by implying that everyone is equally susceptible to this coronavirus, which is not true. Metabolic ill-health is by far the greatest threat to the nation’s health and is involved in the vast majority of Covid deaths. It is incompetent and negligent of Mr Johnson to tackle a virus with so much money, time and effort whilst doing nothing about our far greater health crisis.

The argument in favour of Mr Johnson’s actions will no doubt rely on the notion that these are exceptional times and require exceptional measures. As a medical professional, I dispute they are as exceptional as claimed. Covid19 is undoubtedly a nasty disease but the death toll from it is not exceptional when compared to previous severe outbreaks of flu. The winter of 2017/18 saw 64,000 flu deaths and there were no restrictions on our daily lives. Mr Johnson’s lockdowns are completely disproportionate to the danger posed and therefore in breach of section 1 of your Code of Conduct.

The good name of the Conservative Party is at stake and I trust you will carefully consider the long-term consequences for your Party if you condone misconduct, dishonesty, corruption and negligence in a Conservative Minister.”

Covid Corruption

The Coronavirus which causes Covid19 is a nasty virus but it appears to be no more deadly than a severe strain of influenza. I and many other people believe the response to the epidemic is completely disproportionate to the danger of the disease. Lockdowns have not been shown to reduce overall mortality but they wreak havoc on the lives of tens of millions of people. Boris Johnson’s Government in the UK has squandered billions of pounds creating a national debt which our children and their children will be shackled by. Many people believe that Boris Johnson is corrupt and negligent. He has trampled all over Parliamentary democracy and thrown our civil liberties in the bin. If you want to fight back against this tyranny there are things you can do. Marching through the streets demanding an end to lockdown may make you feel better but it is unlikely to achieve anything. The Main Stream Media will brand you as a Covidiot (a despicable term for holding an alternate opinion) and the police may arrest you.

Good vaccines have saved the lives of millions of people. However, the constant theme that only a vaccine can save us form Covid19 is something that was planned back in 2018 when the authorities decided we would all need to have a Vaccine Passport to go anywhere or do anything.

The first thing to do is to understand what is wrong.

  1. Lord Jonathon Sumption is a retired Supreme Court Judge who is appalled at Johnson’s disregard for Parliamentary procedure. This is a video of his lecture on the subject.

‘Government by decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution’: Lord Sumption – YouTube

2. Dr Michael Yeadon explains why Sage and the Government are wrong about Covid

An Education in Viruses and Public Health, from Michael Yeadon, Former VP of Pfizer – AIER

3. Dr Reiner Fullmich is a German Lawyer who has successfully prosecuted huge corporations like VW and Deutsche Bank for corruption. He is in the process of suing the advocates of the PCR test. They claim it detects coronavirus when it cannot tell the difference between live virus and dead virus.


4. “We believe that the Government has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID 19 lockdown and we are taking action.” These are the words of Simon Dolan who is taking the Government to court. Read more about it and support him at

Crowd Justice.

5. “As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.” 

Great Barrington Declaration (

6. Professor of Pathology, John Lee talks complete sense in an interview with george Hook.

George Hook Show – with Professor John Lee – Viral Reality! – YouTube

What can you do? Share this information with your friends and, please, see this page and do everything you can.

What about immunity?

There is something I never understood throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Why have the Authorities and their advisers, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, never even mentioned the importance of boosting our own innate immune system? Their announcements give the impression that this virus is equally dangerous to everybody, which it is not. With the ‘lockdown’ and the ‘stay at home to save lives’ message, they have implied there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves other than to avoid catching it. Every one of their initiatives is designed to reduce the transmission of the disease. None of their ideas promote our individual ability to cope with Covid-19 if we become infected. We have all been made to feel helpless but, I believe, all of us can and should be taking control of our own destiny. Whitty and Vallance missed a fantastic opportunity to use this crisis to improve the overall health of the entire nation.

We all have a natural immune system that deals constantly with bacteria and viruses. Some people have a much better immune system than others but we can all do things to make ours as robust as possible. I have previously written about how the vast majority of deaths and hospitalisations occur in people with pre-existing illness and, frequently, a Vitamin D deficiency. I think it makes sense to shield these vulnerable people, whose immunity is compromised. However, most of the people who have tested positive for the virus have had either mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This coronavirus appears, therefore, to be really dangerous only to people who are not in good health and who lack a strong immune system. Why are the Government’s Health Advisers not making this clear? As far as I am aware, boosting our own immune system has never been recommended by any of them.

I believe they have made matters worse with their ‘lockdown’ strategy. Diet, sleep and vitamin D status all affect our immune system. Another significant factor is stress. Whenever we are in immediate danger, the hormone Cortisol is released to prime us for the ’flight or fight’ response. It adjusts our biochemistry to give us the best chance of surviving when we have to run for our lives. This is a natural and helpful response and the hormone is dissipated by the intense activity which ensues. However, stress hormones become a serious problem when they are released over a long period of time. The process is complex but the result is a diminished immune system. (People with latent viruses, like cold sores, will know they only flare up during times of physical or mental stress, At other times, the immune system keeps them suppressed.)

What causes stress?

1. Isolation. Humans are naturally gregarious people. We thrive on social interactions and find enforced isolation extremely stressful.

2. Work. Our employment often defines us and gives us a sense of purpose and self-worth. Losing a job can be a great source of stress.

3. Fear. Living with a constant worry that something very dangerous may be close by, coupled with the realisation that you do not know where it is, nor how to prevent it, is exceptionally stressful.

4. Money. A serious shortage of money, with mouths to feed and bills to pay, is one of life’s greatest stressors.

5. Denial of access to green spaces. Lots of research has shown that time spent in green spaces, on sunny days, is a potent way to reduce stress levels.

For many people, the ‘lockdown’ will have created chronic, increased levels of stress, which may well have lowered their natural immunity. It is important that we all take steps to improve by embracing the opportunity to exercise, or just spend time, in open, green spaces to boost our mood and allow sunshine onto our skin to increase vitamin D levels. (See the previous blog to understand the remarkable benefits of this.)

I appreciate that some people have endured a far worse ‘lockdown’ than others. To them, my comments may seem irrelevant compared to their plight but an improvement in health and immunity will always have benefits. Taking positive actions to enhance our well-being gives us a stress-reducing sense of control and self-worth.

Our diet is the number one determinant of our health. The majority of people dying of Covid-19 have Metabolic Syndrome which is a collection of health problems including obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high serum triglycerides. It often leads to heart disease and type 2 diabetes and is linked to insulin resistance. Contrary to a lot of medical consensus, these can all be reversed or reduced in a matter of weeks with the correct diet. Whitty and Vallance have never mentioned this at any time. I believe they are negligent for not doing so.

Some of the steps we can take to improve our health through diet include:

1. Eliminate sugar and ultra-processed and refined foods.

2. Reduce all types of carbohydrates to a low level.

3. Eliminate ‘vegetable oils’ because they increase inflammation. They are present in nearly all processed foods.

4. Eat real food from a farmer or fisherman not a factory.

5. Eat lots of meat, eggs, fish, butter and cheese along with fresh vegetables that grow above the ground.