England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, provides advice upon which the Government develops policy regarding health. I believe that what he says, and what he does not say, regarding Covid19 make him negligent in his duties. His advice consists entirely of measures to reduce transmission between people. He has failed to introduce any other options, nor give any other advice, to improve outcomes. His failures are so profound I suggest he should face criminal charges. (Either Misconduct in a Public Office, Malfeasance on a Public Office, or Gross Negligence Manslaughter.)

These are some of his failures.

1. Metabolic syndrome. The UK suffers from very high rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. These diseases are caused by chronic, elevated blood sugar, which leads to insulin resistance. Both conditions can be reversed successfully by eating a low carbohydrate diet.

Chris Whitty has made no attempt to change dietary guidelines despite relevant evidence from all over the world. In England and Wales, 6,000 people have a foot or leg amputated because of diabetic gangrene. This is avoidable with the correct diet. His failure here is vitally important because 95% of people who died with Covid19 had pre-existing conditions, which were mainly metabolic disorders. He has said nothing about this and done nothing about this.

These are some of the scientific papers which he ought to know about.

The cumulative probability of mortality was significantly higher in patients with hyperglycaemia compared to patients with normoglycaemia, independently of pre-existing diabetes.” A quote from this study:

High blood sugar also diminishes the ability of immune cells to recognise pathogens. If our defences cannot see a virus, they cannot fight it.

The effect of metabolic disorders on Covid mortality is also demonstrated by variations in the gut biome. Prevalence of certain bacteria predicted which patients would die from Covid with 96% accuracy. Those bacteria are a clear indication of poor health and poor diet.


2. Lockdowns. There is no good evidence that lockdowns work in the long run. However, there is clear evidence that prolonged lockdowns make the entire population more susceptible to severe symptoms when they catch a respiratory virus. Professor Sheldon Cohen has worked for decades on the relationship between prolonged stress and more severe viral infections. He regards chronic social isolation and fear as the most potent stressors for damaging the immune system. Lockdowns are designed to increase social isolation and fear. Perhaps new variants are not more transmissible; they just seem to be because we are now all more susceptible.

No harm to benefit analysis has been performed for lockdowns, which is gross negligence by Whitty. However, other researchers have done this work and state the benefit does warrant the harm and lockdowns should be eased.

“Stay at Home, Protect the National Health Service, Save Lives”: A cost benefit analysis of the lockdown in the United Kingdom – Miles – – International Journal of Clinical Practice – Wiley Online Library

People have died in their homes for fear of going to hospital; some have died of cancer because their treatment was curtailed; some have committed suicide because their businesses and lives have been ruined.

3. Immunity. The vast majority of people infected with Sars-CoV-2 do not need hospital treatment, and do not die, because their immune system defeats the virus. The robustness of our immunity is weakened by metabolic syndrome and stress, as mentioned above. However, simple steps can be used to enhance the function of our immune system.  

Many people have Vitamin D deficiency in the winter. This study, among many others, shows that those with the lowest level were far more likely to die of Covid19 than those with optimum levels. Supplementation is cheap and readily available. There is no downside to having optimum levels of vital nutrients. People have died because of Vitamin D deficiency. Whitty’s failure to recommend supplementation is gross negligence manslaughter.

During the summer, people were prevented, by the police, from sitting alone outdoors in the sunshine. This prevented them from building vitamin D stores.

Other factors which boost immune systems and general health include a good diet, exercise, and good sleep. None of these have been mentioned.

4. Medication. There is robust evidence that the drug Ivermectin is of considerable benefit to seriously ill Covid patients if administered early. There has been no mention of this.

Frontiers | Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 | Pharmacology (