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Hello and Welcome.

Access to your personal Weight and Health Tracking page, your Membership Account page and the Recipes page is in the first sidebar on the left. The second sidebar provides links to a variety of videos by international experts. The third sidebar contains some food and health related puzzles (for fun and knowledge).

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want to lose weight; improve your health; reverse or avoid metabolic diseases; be better informed; or simply feel less tired and stressed? This sounds like a long list but all of these things can be achieved simultaneously with the correct approach. The wrong diet leads to hormonal imbalance, which leads to weight gain and metabolic disorders. These problems increase the likelihood of tiredness, stress and disease. The correct diet improves hormonal balance, which leads to metabolic health and fewer feelings of hunger. Everyone is different and you will need to find what works best for you. However, the basics of nutrition and human biology do not change and we must start there.

Weekly Compendium

This page contains short statements of nutritional information. They are designed to focus attention on the most important aspects of a healthy diet. They will be added to each week.