What can we do?

The disproportionate use of Lockdowns and Tiers has inflicted damage upon us all. Depending on your circumstances, the damage could range from slight to catastrophic. If you have decided you want to do something about it but do not know what to do, this page gives some suggestions. If you are unsure why you should fight back against the Government's draconian edicts, go to this page, which contains the testimony of many varied and independent experts.

It is very difficult for an individual to cause significant change, but a great many individuals doing the same thing, at the same time, can have an impact. Below, I list the things I have done. If hundreds or thousands of other people follow suit we may get somewhere.

1. I have written to my MP asking her to vote against the Tier system. I reminded her that she was elected to stand up for the people of her constituency, not to put them out of work. I told her we would all remember if she failed in her duty. You can find the contact details of your MP, along with a record of how they vote, at

2. I have made an official complaint to the Conservative Party about Boris Johnson and asked that they suspend him form the Party because of multiple breaches of their Code of Conduct. My letter was quite long because Johnson's misdeeds are so many. You can read my message here. If you want to send your own complaint you can do so at Feel free to use the points I have raised but please but them in your own words. Do not copy and paste my message or they will reject it.

3. The 1922 committee is the the organisation for backbench Tory MPs, which are all the Conservatives who are not in the Cabinet. The Chairman, Sir Graham Brady, is a friend to the people of this country and voted against his own party and the introduction of the tier system. As you can only email an MP if you live in their constituency, I posted a message on his Facebook page, which you can read here. If you have a Tory MP please email them and ask them to replace Boris Johnson with somebody who will listen to independent expert advice instead of just the Sage Committee and, of course, who is not guilty of all the corruption, negligence and contempt for people that Johnson has shown.

4. The Government has introduced a Call for Evidence on the Human Rights implications of their lockdowns. Please take this opportunity to explain how your rights have been infringed.

5. You can write to the newspapers but you are unlikely to get anywhere. I sent this letter to every major newspaper in the country and none of them printed it. I was careful to be accurate and measured. The evidence for what I say in this letter is overwhelming but the mainstream media is not interested in facts which differ from their consensus. You may have more success with local papers or radio stations, blogs, websites and podcasts.

6. If you are a publican, restraurant or cafe owner you could find out how your MP voted, and if they supported the closure of your business while supermarkets and Amazon thrived, you could bar them from your premises. Put their picture in the window with a sign saying why they are barred. Get publicity for your business via the local media.

7. Support your local businesses if and when they reopen. They are essential to the communities we live in. They have been forced to make huge sacrifices; it is in  our best interests to make the effort to keep them going.